In Mukherjee Nagar: forget about law and order

It is shocking that a man wields a sword at a cop, and then, since a mob steps out in support of the man, three officers get suspended. How do we expect law enforcers to work like this?
Public pressure in India wields great power. It can decide right and wrong based entirely on ‘sentiment’ — and the size of the crowd that gathers to express that sentiment.

So, the Delhi Police on June 16 suspended three officers on the matter of the violence that broke out in Mukherjee Nagar over a tempo driver clashing with a police officer. According to a video of the brawl that has gone viral, it all started after a Gramin Sewa vehicle, reportedly being driven by one Sarabjeet Singh, hit a police patrol van. A plainclothes police official asked Singh to bring his vehicle to the station, at which point Singh apparently wielded his sword and tried to intimidate the official.

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