Social media posts can be reveal your health condition

Researchers claims that they can predict about the mental and physical health conditions such as anxiety and diabetes by analysing Facebook posts. Facebook posts can help detect mental and physical health conditions like depression, anxiety, and diabetes.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Stony Brook University said that they studied 999 patients’ social media presence on Facebook and could deduce whether or not that patient is likely to present with a medical condition.

In May, Google announced that it was developing a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool that can help diagnosis lung cancer more accurately than currently available methods.“Using advances in 3D volumetric modeling alongside datasets from our partners (including Northwestern University), we’ve made progress in modeling lung cancer prediction as well as laying the groundwork for future clinical testing,” said Google.

Using 3D modelling, researchers are Google use a patient’s current and previous CT scans to form a malignancy prediction. After testing 45,856 chest scans and corroborating its findings with six different US board-certified radiologists, Google says that its AI tool reduces false positives by more than 11% and already is 5% more accurate than radiologists.


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