Lunar Eclipse 2019, Hinduism and Lunar Eclipse, What to do, What not to do

Lunar Eclipse or Chandra Grahan takes place when Earth comes between Moon and Sun. A partial lunar eclipse will be visible today in India. Lunar Eclipse 2019: A partial lunar eclipse can be watched almost throughout the night from all parts of the India. The Moon will go darkest after midnight period. This astronomical phenomenon will also be visible in parts of South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

It is special: This year’s lunar eclipse is also important because of its position. Lunar eclipse which is also known as Chandra Grahan and is taking place with Guru Purnima at the same day after 149 years. The Moon should be about half-covered by the Earth’s shadow at maximum eclipse. This is the last lunar eclipse of this year and the next lunar eclipse will take place on May 26, 2021.

Sutak Begins – 03:55 PM, Jul 16
Sutak Ends – 04:30 AM
Sutak for Kids, Old and Sick Begins – 09:55 PM, Jul 16
Sutak for Kids, Old and Sick Ends – 04:30 AM

Hinduism and Lunar Eclipse
Unless Lunar Eclipse is visible to the naked eye, it is of no significance to Hindus and Hindus don’t consider it for any religious activities. Penumbral Lunar Eclipses are not visible to the naked eye hence no rituals related to Chandra Grahan should be observed. If Lunar Eclipse is visible during Umbral Phase then only it should be considered for religious activities. Most Hindu Calendars don’t list Penumbral Eclipses.

What not to do: Normally during the regular eclipses the rays of the Sun and Moon are harmful, both according to the Hindu scriptures and the scientists, hence it is advisable not to look at them directly with naked eyes and do not expose yourself to their rays/light. Dont eat or drink anything during the eclipse time as the cooked food gets spoiled very quickly during the eclipse. If you have cooked food, put a Tulasi (Basi) leaf in that vessel and it will not be spoiled. The pregnant ladies are strongly advised to avoid getting exposed to the eclipse rays. Avoid traveling during the eclipse. any important deals during the eclipse time. Avoid sex during this time.

What to do: The eclipse period is an excellent time to worship God. Any Stotra recital, or any Mantra chanting or Pooja done during the eclipse time, will yield many times more results than the normal days. Any charity done will give you good benefits. Take bath after the eclipse and only then you should eat or drink.




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